Helping people transform through the healing Art of Yoga

If you have a body, you can do yoga.

We practice a mind, body, and spirit approach to living your life at its fullest potential. We practice and study the science of yoga to provide an educational experience that is a great fit for yoga for beginners or those who wish to go deeper into their practice to use yoga, meditation, energy healing and mindfulness for healing or therapy.

Our mission is to provide humanity with the education and tools necessary to heal, transform and thrive.

Private Yoga

Intuitive Yoga Therapy

 Want to get more out of yoga than just poses?  My method for yoga instruction is intuitively guided yoga flows that are designed to help you heal and reach your highest potential.

I work with your energetic body to determine what type of flow is needed as well as the type of meditation or mudra exercise that is right for you.

This is an 8-week package. $1499

We will meet 2 days a week, for 8 weeks, in person or virtually.  Each session is one hour long.


Meditation & Mindfulness

Guided Meditation & Mindfulness Services

Guided meditations are available for private or group sessions. We view meditation as an alternate healing modality.  This service is designed on the needs of the individual or the group as an introduction to meditation or for deeper exploration for meditators.

Guided meditation sessions can be held at any location or virtually.

Custom recorded guided meditations are also available for people who want a way to meditate daily anywhere. These are also useful for people who want to work on a specific goal, such as to heal or manifest a particular outcome in life.


Corporate Yoga Classes

We help you bring wellness to the workplace & beyond!

Our corporate packages are designed to stand alone as a corporate wellness program or easily fit into an existing corporate wellness program. Classes are about 55 minutes. You provide the space!

Classes can take place during work hours, lunch, or in the evening.

On-site corporate yoga classes can be structured as followed:

  1. 100% Corporate-sponsored.
  2. Corporate/Employee split.
  3. 100% employee sponsored.

We also work with hotels, senior living facilities, co-working offices, apartment living complexes, and retreats.