Healing oils that restore harmony and align you to Wholeness.

Start Healing & Renewing Your Mind to Allow More Abundance, Love, Health, Peace & Joy into your Life.

Clears Resistance

Clears resistance around relationship, financial and family issuesClears the fear of anything!

Removes Dense Energy

Removes unhealed energy from the Collective, generational karma, and ancestral influences.

Releases Blocks

Releases career, business and spiritual growth blocks, trapped emotions, and old belief systems.

What People Are Saying...

It felt like a ball energy in my chest that I didn't want there and now it's gone!

~ Shaneek

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Light the Candle.  Live the Results.

Quantum Healing Infusions work with your Superconscious Mind (Higher Self) to recode and change the history of the original imprint of any belief that sparks resistance.

What is Healing & Why is Healing Important?

We have all faced resistance in our lives at some point: Relationship issues, financial issues, career blocks, family issues, spiritual growth blocks, confusion, stagnation, feelings of being in a holding pattern....fear of anything.

We have picked up energy from the collective, energies passed down through generations and random energies from living our lives.

Much of what we carry in our energetic fields isn't ours.

This manifests as blocks, setbacks and fears. When we release these energies to zero point, we are creating space for us to align with the Abundance, Love, Peace & Joy that is our birthright.

Quantum Healing Infusions were created to support you in raising your vibration and reaching the next level of Consciousness. 



Who are Quantum Healing Infusions for?

  • People in general who want to heal emotionally, mentally and/or physically.
  • People who are ready for the next level of life and are feeling stuck.
  • People who are on the Spiritual path and could use an energy healer present at all times.
  • Healers & Spiritual Guides & Coaches.
  • People who want to have an energy healer in their back pocket.
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Quantum Healing Infusions Restore Harmony to the Body, Mind & Spirit

How the Healing Oils Work.

  • Oils are infused with high frequencies that clears dense energies and brings harmony to the body, mind and Spirit.
  • Programmed with healing statements that activate the quantum healing process through the Higher Self.
  • Once the oil is lit, the quantum healing is activated and the healing begins.
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How Quantum Healing Infusions Benefit Your Well BEing.

You are a quantum BEing.  

Quantum means being connected to all things. The infusions heal at the quantum level.  When using these infusions, it is working on the cellular level to clear:

  • Dense Energies & Consciousness
  • Limiting Beliefs & Programming
  • Portal Vortices
  • Collective Energies
  • Entities
  • Cords & much more

The healing transcends all time, space, dimensions, and realities in your personal field and in any area, like home or office. 

Ready to Recode & Change the History of Limited Beliefs?

These healing candles are programmed with statements and Light frequencies that will work with your Superconscious (Higher Self) to recode your DNA to love vibrations and change the history of old belief patterns that are keeping you dense and stuck.

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Most Popular

  • Safe Odor Free Oil
  • Burns up to 8 hours
  • Energy Healing up to a radius of 850 feet.
  • Programmed with healing statements.
  • Detailed instructions included.

A Quantum Healer in Your Pocket! 

We have lifetimes, generations, ancestral trauma, programs, implants, belief systems and much, much more to heal that we may not be aware of.

Quantum Healing Infusions have breakthrough, high vibratory technology that works with the Superconscious mind (Higher Self) to clear and release dense energies across all dimensions, time, space and realities, making it the ultimate assistant for your healing journey.