Benefits of Quantum Healing

Benefits of Quantum Healing

There are many energy healing modalities, techniques and treatments that are practiced from those who study the healing arts.  From traditional names that we are aware of, like reiki, Qigong, breath work etc all techniques are the same in that we are working with the only thing that is

The concept of quantum healing has always been around, but the term is becoming more popular amongst practitioners and people who are looking to find alternative ways to heal themselves. In this article, we will go a bit deeper into the concept of quantum healing and discuss the benefits that you can experience from this alternative healing modality. 


 This is something that cannot be contained in words or spoken in language as everyone has their own perspective on how they see and sense this field.  Let's consider the following idea as a frame of reference; the Quantum field is said to be the connection to all and between all things.

We have been conditioned to believe that all things are separate and we are separate from one another. We have divided work, business, home, play, etc into concepts that we consider to take place at different times or during different points of focus. We have also been conditioned to the idea that the very Creator or being we call God is an entity that is separate from us. These ideals have propelled and solidified the illusion of separation, which counteracts the truth of the quantum.

 If we visualize what this quantum field could look like, everyone would have their own vision. Perhaps it’s a field of nothingness where millions of nodes begin to appear that are connected by a thread. Here’s a concept to consider, imagine it to look like a huge network; much like a computer network where all things are connected. If we see each node as an encounter, we can then theorize the concept that where one thing takes place, as or in one node, all other nodes are affected as the threads that have woven each node together may act as the events that tie them together.  This is what it means to exist throughout all space and time.

Is the quantum is the space where all things exist and where nothing exists at the same time? 

You are a quantum being, an infinite Soul of Light that exists through all space and time.  We are focused in this realm, having a human experience, however we are intricately connected to all things.  All that we see are simply fractal components of as we have multiple experiences as part of the Whole, One Source, One Universal Mind.


Now that we have an idea of what the quantum field is, let’s look at how this applies to healing.  First, let’s briefly discuss the concept of healing and what it is. 

Healing is defined in different ways by many people.  I resonate with the idea of “letting go”Healing is the process of letting go of all things we hold in our energetic fields that prevent us from activating a greater awareness and expansion of Self.  

To “let go” is to alchemize the energy that hangs around in your field to zero point - pure energy.

In other words, it is to take the energy that we are experiencing as resistance and allow ourselves to free it.  As we do this, we create more space within our energy fields, expand and open up to new awarenesses that align with our truest nature of Self.

As we practice this process of letting go in the quantum field, we are releasing energy across all space and time.  Meaning, all elements and factors that are connected to this resistance are healed in the now-moment, whether the energetic footprint took place in this lifetime or another one.

Let’s go back to the network and take a node to be a full experience in this lifetime that you did not fully process and release.  This experience is connected to other nodes by a thread that creates the network or vibrational frequency of them all.  Once the energetic hold to one of the nodes is released, all other connections to the experience as these nodes are released as well….quantum healing.

 When you are working with a quantum healer, a field is created that automatically encompasses all that you are, in all areas and lifetimes.  The energy that you are ready to release will appear at this moment.  You will know that it is there and may be prompted to take notice of it.

When the quantum healing process begins, you will experience in real time this energy dissipated within your being.

The benefits of Quantum Healing is this treatment gets to the original seed or belief of the resistance we are releasing.  Other forms of energy healing simply move the energy out of the way.  Quantum Healing also does a change history and a re-coding of the belief that is causing the resistance.

 Another benefit is the releasing of generational karma and any ancestral influence that has contributed to the current resistance.  Quantum Healing also touches on all fractal components of personalities that are acting out the current resistance, which also heals people who are connected to you.

Breakout of Some of the Benefits of Quantum Healing

 (Quantum healing works on the level of the Soul with the guidance of your Higher Self.)

  1. Uncreates, changes history on beliefs and recodes them.
  2. Releases generational karma.
  3. Clears ancestral trauma.
  4. Clears timelines.
  5. Shadow work 
  6. Activates dormant information.
  7. Raises vibration.
  8. Creates space.
  9. Releases entities.

This is a short list of benefits that you will discover through quantum healing.  The benefits are so vast and far beyond our current understanding that it is difficult to put what is happening into words.  The experience, however, tells the full story.


Quantum healing occurs all of the time amongst all humans.  When someone chooses to let go of a concept or belief because they are sick and tire of being sick and tire...that is quantum healing too (in some cases, we think we have let go of an issue, however, we buried it only to find it appear later in life.  This would NOT be considered quantum healing.)  

Anyone can benefit from this form of healing modality.  It can take place virtually or in person and it has many, many different approaches and I will name a few here:

  •  Access Consciousness (Bars) - this energy healing process works with the mental layers.  There are 16 bars on each side of our brains where we hold all beliefs, concepts, considerations..etc.  Bars guides us through releasing all of the concepts and freeing us from all arbitrary considerations that are keeping us stuck.  It is the best way to lose your mind and gain your freedom.
  •  Quantum Healing Infusions - healing candles that are infused with high frequencies that assist in clearing out your personal energy field, home or any space of dense energies and creating space for raising your vibration.
  • Cord Cutting - Cord cutting releases cords, contracts and/or agreements that are held between you and other beings.  This process frees you and those attached which restores your energy back to you.
  • Unpacking - this process helps you get to the original creation of any story you are holding that is shaping your current experience.  The purpose of this is to gain clarity on your experiences in life which brings more awareness to you, allowing you to fully grasp the concepts you hold and understand how they were implanted.  During this process, all that is ready to be released gets released. 

We are now in a place in our human experience where alternative and holistic healing modalities are being sought after more than any other time in history. 

Many people have been disappointed by the medical industries and are seeking other forms of healing.  What’s happening at the foundation is a request for deeper layers of healing, beyond the physical for humanity. 

A physical pain first began as a thought, which transferred to an emotion and becomes an experienced as dis-ease in the body.  When we seek medical attention for any ailment, it was a thought eons ago.  It has shown itself as a reflection to us in our related experiences and when the energy isn't forgiven or alchemized, it becomes physical. 

The medical industry is designed to provide relief for the physical ailment, yet leaves the full spectrum of the energetic elements out of the program.  The day that modern medicine includes the aspects of the energetic body is when actual healing can take place.

The beauty in all of it is it leads humanity to embracing our evolution and expansion.

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