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Abundance is directly connected to the Sacred Heart Space and the Heart is the emperor of our entire system.

The Heart Of Abundance is an 8-week group program, created to reach you where you are now, and provide guidance, tools, love, community, and space to reach the next level of You.

The intention of this 8-week course is to elevate to living in the fullness of the Heart by minimizing the distractions that are keeping you from it.  Abundance, Peace, Love, Joy and Bliss are all ABSOLUTE states of BEing when living from the Heart.

Let’s amp up the flow and begin the Revolution!

Unlock Your New Life


Capture the setbacks that are keeping you in the state of lack and powerlessness.


Clear blocks and timelines that are distracting you from your Center of Truth (Heart).


Create a life that overflows with Abundant Peace, Love and Joy with the tools you’ll learn.

Yes, I'm all in to attracting abundance into my life!

All The Tools You Need To Unblock Stuck Energy & Revitalize your Life Force.

The health of the energetic, mental, physical and emotional bodies solely depend on the openness of the Heart.

Everything happens through the Heart. People can attempt mind control, but no one can tamper with the Heart, unless we allow. It is the only area in the body with direct access to Divine Source Energy.


Why Healing from the Heart Leads to Abundance

Traditionally, we have delved into Ego forms of creation. Our only way of living has been in survival mode, where fear and limitations exist.

Feeling stuck, trapped, and anxious are too easily our normal. You are actively seeking out answers and dabbling in confusion, trapped emotions, old belief patterns, systems, structures, and setbacks but feel called to more. You are blocked. You understand the idea of expansion, ascension, and abundance but do not know how to anchor it into your life or, you need a bit of guidance along the way.

If any of this resonates, The Heart of Abundance is for you.

You intuitively know there is more, and together, we will unlock it.

We will work with energy, from the heart, and your Innate Soul’s Light to amp up your flow of life force energy that will propel you to higher levels of consciousness.

Tangible miracles happen when we work with and live through the Sacred Heart Space. Being in the Heart space, you are more connected to your Higher Self and you can reach beyond the limitations of the human mind to higher fields that produce higher perceptions, which in turn, transcends fear and limitations.

Yes, I want to transcend fear and limitations!

This 8-week program is completely immersive speaking to every area of your life.

There are three main pillars upon which The Heart of Abundance is Built:


Weekly Accountability Calls:

These weekly 90-minute group calls are education-focused and will include hands-on exercises and training on tools that will dramatically change the way you experience life.


There will be homework that is healing and expansion tools. In your student dashboard, there will be a weekly guided meditation accompanied by a yoga flow and mudras for your toolbox. It is recommended to practice these at least 3 times a week.


During week 5 there will be the opportunity to meet one-on-one with Leah for a Vibrational Healing Treatment. During the first four weeks you will begin preparing for this session and then during this time, Leah will guide in the releasing of resistance, of trapped emotions and the dismantling of the heart wall.

Yes! I am ready to do the work!

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After the 8-weeks you will feel...

  • Clarity: Understand your energy and clear up foggy areas in your life.
  • Abundant: Become a stronger Creator & Manifestor.
  • Lighter: The heaviness that is holding you back will be lifted.
  • More Open: You will not only be more open but available for the new opportunities presented to you.
  • Love: You will experience a new level of both giving and receiving love in your life.
  • Empowered: You will have the tools you need to face the world with confidence.
  • Supported: You are not alone on this journey, and you will have met your family.
  • Ready: To show up and live THE life you were meant to live.
  • Harmonious: Know how to balance and cultivate a deeper connection with mind, body & Spirit.

This course is not for you if you...

  • Do not have space to do the work.
  • Are not ready for expansion.
  • Are not ready to do the work.
  • Not open to alternative perspectives of healing.
  • Not open to working one to one with Leah.

What you will get:

Week 1 - Intro to Energy & Consciousness

Understand what Life Force Energy is and the importance of balancing subtle energy.

  • What Abundance Is
  • Your Energy Bank
  • What Your Power Is
  • How We Create through Consciousness

Week 2 - Your Blueprint - Getting to Know You

Get to know you as an energetic BEing and an introduction to the tools we need to power up the potential within us to release the things that are draining our energy.

  • Intro to MeWe&Us with Founder, Wendy Rietz
  • Intro to Emotional Scale as it relates to energy/power
  • Intention - what is it really, the importance of it and how to use it.
  • The purpose and Power of Chakras & Energy Centers
  • Understanding the Mind Field & Trapped Emotions

Week 3 - Forgiveness - Getting to the Heart of It

Forgiveness is a very powerful action to accessing the Sacred Heart Space.

  • What Forgiveness Means & How it Relates to Blocks & Life Force Energy
  • Me Diagram Exercise
  • How to Relationship with Love

Week 4 - FREEDOM - Freeing the Heart

What is the Heart?

  • The Purpose, Function & Importance of the Heart
  • The Heart Wall
  • Clearing begins

Week 5 - FREEDOM - Freeing the Heart  (Flex Week)

  • 1 to 1 Intuitive Heart Wall Treatments with Leah

Week 6 - The Creator - Affirmations & the Power of “I Am”

How to POWER up the life you desire.

  • Guided Writing Affirmations Process
  • The Power of Words & How to Use Them
  • Accessing the Quantum Field
  • The Power of Intention & Focus
  • Guest Speaker - Sharon Gutierrez - The Manifest List

Week 7 - The Alchemist - Tapping Into Intuition 

Tools & exercises on how to alchemize energy and use your body for information.

  • Body Testing Tools
  • Be the Alchemist
  • The Power of Mudras & How to Use Them
  • The Power & Science of Yoga as Therapy

Week 8 - The Heart Warrior - Celebration + Releasing Week

  • Congratulations!  You Did It!
  • Group Sharing
  • Q & A
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The Manifest List Workbook

Meet Sharon Guiterrez, the author of The Manifest List - a journal designed to help you truly attract what you desire into your life!  Sharon will share best practices for manifesting using the journal effectively. 

Your Energetic Recipe

Meet with, Wendy Reitz founder of MeWe&Us to determine your energetic recipe.  Your energy has a recipe that identifies your uniqueness and creative diversity.  You will receive your Identity Map & Human Owner’s Guide.

Let Go!  Embrace New

Heart Wall Energy Healing Treatment with Leah. Heart Walls block our ability to be neutral and openly and freely give and receive love.  We will release the blocks to free up space and open the Heart.

I'm absolutely ready to begin transforming my life!

Three Payments of:


Payment Plan

  • The Group Program
  • Access to the Community
  • Weekly Group Readings
  • Benefits of Group Healing
  • Access to All Group Yoga Flows 
  • Access to All Group Guided Meditations That Includes Mudra
  • Access to All Content Shared for Future Use
  • Healing Tools that Can Be Used for a Lifetime
  • 50% off 3 Additional Healing Treatments

Single Payment


Most Popular

  • The Group Program
  • Access to the Community
  • Weekly Group Readings
  • Benefits of Group Healing
  • Access to All Group Yoga Flows 
  • Access to All Group Guided Meditations That Includes Mudra
  • Access to All Content Shared for Future Use
  • Healing Tools that Can Be Used for a Lifetime
  • 50% off 3 Additional Healing Treatments

Private Coaching


Top features

  • 1-to-1 Coaching 
  • 1 Additional Treatment
  • Personal Weekly Reading
  • Personalized Yoga & Guided Meditations, When Needed
  • Benefits Of A Personalized Healing Program
  • Access to the Community
  • Access to All Group Yoga Flows 
  • Access to All Group Guided Meditations That Includes Mudra
  • Access to All Content Shared for Future Use
  • Healing Tools that Can Be Used for a Lifetime
  • 50% off 3 Additional Healing Treatments

From Civil Engineering to Inner Engineering..

Nearly two decades ago, Leah's healing journey began amid a life crisis. Anxiety and overwhelmed feelings led her to seek alternative ways of comfort.  

Through Professional development and self help books, an introduction to the Law of Attraction and the power of the subconscious mind sparked the beginning stages of an awakening that soon opened up to deeper studies in the Metaphysics and the science of Spirituality.

She was introduced to yoga and meditation through her self help studies.  Due to a consistent practice, she discovered that we have the ability to heal ourselves and improve our quality of lives with education and the right tools and techniques for transformation.  She also discovered that the only thing we’re working with is the only thing there is…Energy!

The deeper she went into her studies the more aware she became about the physical and energetic aspects of the fascinating intelligence of the human body.  

This was her ah-hah moment and where her passion was sparked to study the science of the energetic body and how it is the factor in which we experience daily living through the body, mind and spirit. 

Leah was introduced to the importance of the Heart through studies from the Heart Math Institute.  Packed with a ton of information and techniques that helped her along the way, she decided to make things official and achieved her certifications as Yoga Instructor, Meditation Guide and Energy Healing Practitioner, while devoting her life to healing and Consciousness work.  

Leah aligns with the idea that we gain our Sovereignty through the power of the Heart and with this POWER, we BEcome the Alchemists and Authorities of our lives.

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