Your healing is not outside of you. It is part of who you are. It is in your DNA. The body knows what to do to heal and thrive. Your mind must be well enough to give it that direction. ~ Leah

Clear out the clouds of resistance that are keeping you stuck in cycles of low energy.

Free your mind and your heart. Change the history of old cycles of beliefs.

Create space within our energy fields that will allow you to have free energy and manifest the life you want.

Professional Energy Healing 

Energy Medicine for the Soul

All energy healing treatments have one thing in common...letting go of resistance.  During a session, we will release the stuck energy and resistance that is blocking you from reaching your Highest Potential (becoming the life of your dreams).

Once the resistance is cleared, it is never to return and you open up space as you tune to the Abundant Love, Joy & Peace that is your natural state.

Healing is a process and all stuck energy, resistance and blocks are released in layers.  Through Grace, you will be guided to release only what you are ready for.

Let's reprogram your mind from lack, survival, and suffering to Abundant Health, Love, and Joy.

Energy Healing Treatments


Quantum Healing Treatments 

With quantum healing treatments, we are working on a specific area of resistance in life that you wish to release. It can be a current situation, finances, love and relationships, career, etc.  It doesn’t matter what the resistance is.  When you show up, we are ready to release it.

In this healing session we release all trapped emotions, judgements, etc that caused the resistance as well as we activate a change history in the belief that was the set point of the resistance.

These blocks are cleared throughout all dimensions, time, space, and realities.  Once the blocks are cleared, they are never to return.


Access Consciousness

Access Consciousness, also known as Bars, is a an alternative healing modality where we release all of the resistance that’s keeping you stuck from your mental energy layer.

You have 32 bars in your brain, 16 on each side.  Each of the bars is associated with an area in life and holds considerations, judgements, beliefs, ideas, emotions, etc that keeps us locked in cycles of behavior and experiences that are not supportive to our Highest expression of Self.  In other words, when we hold onto things it is difficult to manifest the life of our dreams because all of these blocks are in the way.


An Access Consciousness Treatment helps you include everything and judge nothing

It’s the ability to be present in your life in every moment without judgement of you or anyone else.  It’s the ability to receive everything and allow the Universe to be what it is.

From this space, you can transform all thingscreate everything you desire in life and raise your vibration to meet your Highest Potential.

Sessions are performed in person or virtual.  A proxy or stand in is needed for virtual services.

Heart Wall Clearing

If you are above the age of 21 and you have not yet done any healing work, it is likely you have a Heart Wall. This is a wall of protection that we build around our Hearts during a very dramatic emotional experience. Layers of resistance are added to the wall the older we get and the more we disallow our Heart to be free in fear that it may get broken again.

When the wall is released, we not only open back up to love and abundance, we all unhinge the process of moving emotions. During an emotional episode, the energy is able to flow more freely as the Heart Wall is no longer blocking the flow.

This session is a Quantum Healing Session. The difference is our target is the wall.

Access BarsĀ®


Per Session

  • In Person
  • Virtual (*a proxy is required and will be provided)
  • 60 Minute Sessions
  • Intuitive Guidance

*A body is required for this treatment to touch the bars on the brain. 

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Vibrational & Heart Wall Treatments


Per Session

  • In Person
  • Virtual (no proxy required)
  • 60 Minute Sessions
  • Intuitive Guidance
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Higher Living Bundle


Bundle Up & Save!

This package is for 3 sessions of the Access Bars, Vibrational and/or Heart Healing Treatments.

You can mix and match treatments with this package.

See the details of each treatment listed in the corresponding categories.

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What People Have To Say About Working With Leah

Jon A.

I've been feeling great!  I mean, I feel like mentally I'm in such a better place.  I've been feeling like I'm on a natural high.

Omi A.

I have so much more clarity now. I have not been able to create a life plan until now. It's like I have more space.  I am so grateful.

Susan P.

Leah was very attentive and easy to talk to. We did a session for trapped emotions on an area of finance that had been an issue for years. Soon after my finances started to pick up.

Are you interested in our Yoga & Meditation Services?

As students and practitioners of the healing arts, our yoga and meditation services are included as a form of healing therapy and a lifestyle.  

Whether you are looking for private, group or corporate services, we have an option that can be designed for you.