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Serenity Studio

Alternative Healing Techniques that Align the Body, Mind & Spirit

When the body is harmony, it heals itself!  Our alternative healing modalities will help guide you back to your true state of WHOLENESS.  We provide the tools that help you Master Life!

This is how we do it! 

Your Internal Revolution Starts Here...

Courses & Workshops

You are not alone.  You have help to assist you along your healing journey.


Whether private, group or corporate, we can facilitate your needs.

Energy Healing & Coaching

Heal trauma wounds & tune to love with Quantum Healing & Spiritual Life Coaching.

A More Abundant Life

With guidance and powerful tools to add to your toolbox, you can create a more harmonious and abundant lifestyle. 

We have created simple and easy, yet POWERful alternative healing modalities for you to reconnect with the Source of your True BEing - Balance & Harmony!

Awaken Your Natural State of Wholeness - Abundant, Health, Love Peace & Joy

Transformation begins from the inside out.  The way we work together is a holistic, natural approach that helps heal the various energy layers of the body, mind & Spirit.  Our alternative healing modalities include various Quantum Healing treatments that support the health of the subtle energetic bodies.

Heal Through Trauma

A life that is in Harmony requires a plan.  The information you'll find here as well as the courses and workshops will assist you in creating a plan that will help you heal through trauma and move you from scarcity and lack to Wholeness & Abundance. 

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Gain Balance & Freedom

Yoga is more than a tool - it is a Lifestyle and can act as a holistic and alternative healing medicine. Explore with us the practice of yoga in various ways.  These practices are only part of the overall plan that will assist you along your journey of Balance, Wholeness & Freedom.

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Guidance to Wholeness

Awareness plus inspired action to create change equals, "the work". First, you need a plan, then you need the, you have the perfect recipe to raise your vibe to higher levels of Consciousness and Master Life.


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